In a partnership with Technovation, students from Itatiba network are prepared to think of an application that solves a community problem of living without the technology.

Ayrton-Senna-InstituteIn the 21st century, living offline or completely away from the technology proves increasingly impossible. Mobile applications emerge all the time and help solve mobility problems and even social life.

It is natural that children begin to take an interest in this fascinating world and are encouraged to see this reality in the school environment. And, yes, this can be very positive for the future of the students. Solving the computer programming issue in schools is one way to ensure autonomy of children and young people in today’s world and thus fully literate their way of life in the 21st century.

Thinking about it, the Institute Ayrton Senna received on Wednesday (9) around 35 students from 6th to 9th year from municipal Itatiba (SP), which is part of the Literacy Project Schedule. The initiative is already held in the city since last year, and from now, will have a new module and a challenge for the students: the preparation of a business plan for an application that solves a problem of the community in which they live.

In 2015, these students passed the Module I, in which they learned the basics of computer science, and the Module II, which developed a project (interactive game format or story with animation) in Scratch1 platform and were able to develop skills related to management and project planning. All activities were carried out in computer labs – schools in Module I, and the University San Francisco, in Module II – in against round of classes, by their network teachers and also computer monitors, trained by the Institute for the program .

“This new module aims to give a broader meaning to the technology. Now they have a chance to identify what exists around them problems and opportunities and use this tool to change this situation. Then, the entire structure of Module III seeks to identify a problem in their community, the proposed solution and an application design to work on that solution. So it’s really empowering through technology, “said Adelmo Eloy, Literacy Project Coordinator Schedule.

For the new phase, the Ayrton Senna Institute will include the partner of Technovation2, an initiative aimed at inspiring women to engage with the technology that has developed a 50-hour curriculum, covering technical aspects for the preparation of a business plan with a tool called App Inventor. The goal is for students to work in the design of an application on that platform. With this, the project hopes to create a bridge between the tool and the solution of real problems. In addition, of course, continue to develop skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving – aspects that always integrated the project scope at the Institute.

“Talking to the staff of the Institute Ayrton Senna, we started to think about the possibility of taking this curriculum that was ready and that is very robust, and apply it not only for girls but for everyone. Why not leave it open to everyone? The curriculum is already open free to anyone. As a learning goes for anyone, “said Christianne Poppi, executive director of Technovation Challenge Brazil.

During the meeting at the headquarters of the Institute Ayrton Senna, in São Paulo, Itatiba students divided into teams and had a workshop. After learning how it works, they have already had the first initial ideas for applications intended to solve a problem of the city or the community.

“It was hard at first because we knew nothing of the application, this was a new experience. But after the first time we used it was quiet. Our application is a social network for people who suffer bullying, so that they can socialize, something that in real life they can not. As a more advanced tool, and has more possibilities of use,” said Gabriel Silva, 13 years. Besides the theme bullying, discussion groups for violence against women emerged between application, and others such making the study of the most fun events, where to find the city dumps, wheelchair accessibility, among others.