In a state school in the city of Teodoro Sampaio, in the west of São Paulo, the protagonism of young people in Elementary and High School has transformed the routine of all students, teachers and teams. The main reason for this is the involvement with reading, and one of the strategies used by the group in 2016 surprised even the director: a sequence of “poetic attacks” gave life to the words of authors chosen by students who participate in the Reading Room.

The activities organized in this environment, which functions as a library and in some schools of the State of São Paulo counts on a partnership of the Ayrton Senna Institute, stimulate the youthful protagonism. Mobilized in reading teams, students in the 8th and 9th years of Elementary and High School undertake varied initiatives, face challenging activities, with the mediation of Professor Katia do Carmo Lopes, and develop reading and life skills.

A partner in the program since 2010, the Arthur Ribeiro State School is part of the Teaching Department of Mirante do Paranapanema. It was the scene of the “poetic attacks”, in which each student chose poetry of an author of his or her choice and, from a joint planning, Declaimed his text in some space of the school. Suggested in the Institute’s work material, this action was optional for students participating in the Reading Room.

“One student suggested that we take action to see people’s reactions, imagining that it would be possible, with poetry, to change the day of someone who came to school sadly; To our surprise, it was wonderful! “Reported Professor Katia. “I talked to the management of the school, which supported, mediated with the students, but the planning was theirs, they did everything with collaboration and we saw that providing autonomy to the young was essential!”

According to the teacher, the attacks did not happen in classrooms, but scattered around the school. When someone passed by the “poet for a day,” one of the chosen verses was shot with an invitation to attend the Reading Room. Colleagues of students, teachers, staff and even the principal were “attacked” by poetry.

“I was in my living room and all of a sudden they came bringing poetry, I found the most! How cool is the student to show creativity. In order to do this, it takes time and a series of skills, a student can easily decorate, but also have to communicate, so they train, exchange ideas and find solutions to the challenges, “said the director of the school, Zuleika Souza. “It’s not just having an idea in the head, it also has a teacher accompaniment, a respect for each one’s competence and, in the end, it generates this movement in the whole school.”

The headmistress also reported that staff asked to attend: the lunch box made statements about her readings and a person from the general services team recited her poetry on Teacher’s Day in October.

source: Ayrton Senna Institute