In its last event of 2018, LIDE Ceará debated a fundamental theme for the future of the country: Education.

“One of the pillars for thinking about development is education. That is why we invite Viviane Senna to share her experience with us and to point out the points she considers fundamental in this area.”

Viviane Senna at Lide event

To discuss the topic, the entity brought Viviane Senna, president of the Ayrton Senna Institute. For more than 23 years, the Viviane has been working for children and young people from all regions of Brazil to have the opportunity to fully develop their potential, something that is only possible through quality education.

Viviane Senna event

The talk of Viviane Senna took place on Tuesday (18), at the Hotel Gran Marquise, in an exclusive event for members and guests of the Lide Ceará.

Photos© Natanael Feitosa Matos |