Ana Marcela's Tribute-to-Ayrton-SennaSwimming champion, Ana Marcela Cunha, will participate in one of the most important races of the Grand Prix of the International Federation (FINA): Crossing the CapriNapoli, Italy. The 49th edition of the race, with route of 36 km, will be played on September 7.

Fan and admirer of Ayrton Senna, Ana Marcela and her sponsor Englishtown, partner of Instituto Ayrton Senna, will make an unprecedented and exclusive remedy for the Crossing: Ana Marcela will swim with a custom cap, replica of the famous green and yellow helmet, symbol of  Ayrton Senna.

I was born in 1992, but unfortunately did not live his epoch, but it is amazing how the competitive spirit has taught me to challenge what seems impossible and turn my dreams into reality ” says the young Brazilian athlete.

And the 2014 is special to mark the 20-year legacy of  Formula 1 champion. Since the beginning of the year, Senna is being honored in various parts of the world.

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