TAG Heuer, which pioneered timepiece partnerships in motorsport, launches a range of new racing-related watches in june 2015.

The new timepieces fall into two collections celebrating two of TAG Heuer’s most enduring relationships; with the McLaren F1 team, 30 years old this season, and with McLaren’s former driver and triple world champion Ayrton Senna, who died 21 years ago  but whose presence seems more keenly felt that ever.


Senna’s nephew Bruno, who was ten when his uncle died, reflected on Ayrton’s shadow. “The thing I keep coming back to with Ayrton is that he lived his life before the internet, before social media. Imagine the following he would have had today?” Bruno is an ambassador for the Senna foundation, established by his mother Vivienne following Ayrton’s death.

“Ayrton was very aware that everything he had, everything he was able to do, was because he had the chance. The Foundation works across Brazil and with the national education system to ensure as many children as possible get the chance a proper education gives them. We estimated that’s close to 50 million children over the last 20 years,”

-Bruno Senna

The four new TAG Heuer watches — two based on the Formula One and two on the Calibre 16 designs — all carry the Senna ’S’ logo under licence from the Foundation. It’s there in red lacquer on the dial, but also on the case back and on the bezel. The new watches also use an updated version of TAG’s Legend bracelet, as worn by Ayrton Senna and seen in the original, haunting “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” campaign, recently revived by TAG Heuer and now carrying the social media tag #Remember Senna.

source: telegraph.co.uk