The headquarters of the Ayrton Senna Institute was the last stop of Eduardo Leite in São Paulo. On Wednesday (January 30), the governor was received by the president of the institute Viviane Senna. Partnerships in the educational area were the subject of the first conversation between the two.

Viviane Senna Institute

Rio Grande do Sul and the Ayrton Senna Institute have already established partnerships in the past. The Acelera Brasil program, which promotes the recovery of the learning of students with age-grade distortion enrolled between grades 3 and 5 of Elementary School, and the Liga, for students who are not literate and in a state of age-series discrepancy, are applied in the state since 2006. The peak was in 2010, when 30 thousand students got involved. The idea, therefore, is to strengthen the partnership, benefiting more students with the proposals.

Recognizing that education is a task for all, Leite argued that the institute has excellent projects to assist in teacher training, as well as access to new teaching methodologies that enhance students’ learning ability and socio-emotional development. “The great agenda of the State, in addition to the necessary reforms and restructuring, has to work on development. And that goes through technology, the qualification of the workforce and education, “he concluded.

Ayrton Senna Institute

Education Secretary Faisal Karam explained that now the portfolio should assess what the next steps will be. “It all depends on the structure and partnerships we are seeking. We have to identify complements to the educational area that can cause the student, who is the most fragile part, to receive a better education at the end, “he said.

In almost 25 years, the Ayrton Senna Institute has already developed activities in some 2,600 Brazilian municipalities, forming more than 220 thousand teachers and 22 million students. The institute is dedicated to developing the potential of children and adolescents through education.