Ayrton Senna’s life story could be turned into a feature film, with well-known actor Rodrigo Santoro revealing that talks are underway with producers about the idea.

With the ‘Senna’ documentary having proved to be a worldwide success following its release in 2010, Santoro says that discussions have started for a Hollywood-style biopic to chart the story of the three-time champion.

In an exclusive interview with entertainment website Collider, Santoro said that plans were advanced enough for a structure to be in place for the film – but that it would only go ahead with the full backing of the Senna family.

“He’s a hero. In Brazil, he’s… ‘huge’ wouldn’t describe it. He’s a hero, like a true hero,” explained Santoro. “It’s a very delicate matter; I’ve been very careful [with] how we’re going to approach that.

“If we get this done, if we really move forward with this project, it will be with the family, with his family, it will all be done in a very, very careful and respectful way. So yeah that might be possible in the future. Right now, we’re still in conversations, but it is moving.”

Santoro was keen to play down any talk that the movie was definitely going to happen, but said he would be honoured to play the part of the famous Brazilian racing driver.

“If this whole thing goes forward it will be amazing,” he said. “Right now we have nothing official, nothing to…I cannot say much because there’s nothing really there yet. We’ll see. If it’s meant to happen, it will.”

Santoro has appeared in a number of films, including Love Actually, 300, I Love you Phillip Morris, Che, and most recently What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

source: © autosport.com