Senna rally-1986

The Metro is a supermini economy car that was produced by the Austin Rover Group division of British Leyland and its successors.

It was launched in 1980 as the Austin miniMetro. It was intended to complement the Mini, and was developed under the codename LC8.

During its 18-year lifespan, the Metro wore many names: Austin Metro, MG Metro and Rover Metro. It was re-badged as the Rover 100 series in January 1995. There were also van versions known as the Morris Metro and later, Metrovan.

At the time of its launch, the Metro was sold under the Austin brand. From 1982, MG versions became available. During 1987, the car lost the Austin name, and was sold simply as the Metro. From 1990 until its withdrawal in 1997, the Metro was sold only as a Rover.

MG Metro 6R4 TEST CAR 1986

But this one is very special, Ayrton Senna has tested five rally cars in his early years, when is was driving for Lotus. And one of the five was this MG Metro 64.


The 6R4 used a naturally aspirated three-litre, four valve per cylinder V6 design. Producing well in excess of 400bhp in ’International Specification’, the cars remain technically advanced and extremely fast, with the ability to accelerate to 60mph from standstill in 3.2 seconds. 200 built.


Suspension Front:Independent, coil spring, strut and bottom wishbone, Bilstein telescopic gas filled dampers, anti-roll bar – Ride height, camber, toe-in and anti-roll are all adjustable.

Suspension Rear:Independent, coil spring, strut bottom wishbone and trail link, Bilstein gas filled telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar – Ride height, camber, toe-in and anti-roll are all adjustable

Transmission:Five-speed manual


Price at launch:£40,000


Top speed:125mph


Fuel: Petrol
Fuel delivery:electronic fuel injection