Viviane Senna,president of Ayrton Senna InstituteThe president of the Instituto Ayrton Senna, Viviane Senna, attended the Second International Workshop on Education, sponsored by FIESC (Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina), last Thursday (23), in Florianópolis.

Viviane spoke at the opening ceremony on quality education and skills for the 21st century “It is necessary, in addition to cognitive skills, a skill set as initiative, flexibility, teamwork, collaboration, discipline, respect, responsibility, innovation and creativity for a person to be successful today, “she said.

“Education is the passport for people to move from one world (poor) to another (rich),” she said.

To Viviane Senna, Brazil has socioeconomic disparities, noting that part of the population lives in conditions similar to those in Canada and elsewhere to Nigeria with identical patterns. “We have the challenge of making all Brazilians reside in the same country, preferably in Brazil the first world we are building,” he added.

source: Instituto Ayrton Senna