Senna in Mexico 1988Racing gloves worn by the late great Ayrton Senna during the 1991 season were auctioned at a charity for race mechanics on Monday for a bill of £22,000.

Donated by former McLaren coordinator and a friend of Senna Jo Ramirez for the event, the framed pair was bought by current Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez.

Senna, who had driven for Lotus from 1985 to 1987, had won the second of his three titles in 1991 with McLaren beating Williams’ Nigel Mansell at the time.

The Brazilian had claimed seven wins and five more podium positions from the 16 races during the campaign.

“The 11 lots in the auction at London’s Royal Opera House raised more than £92,000 for the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust, chaired by triple champion Jackie Stewart,” Reuters reported.

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