Ayrton’s European home was in Portugal. Senna acquired a Porsche 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet in 1987.

Apparently the Porsche was bought by a Portuguese banking friend, Braguinha. Then recently the Porsche changed hands for a large sum $$$$$ in Portugal, since the back seat has Ayrton Senna’s signature, etc.

At first you would say this is not the same car, because after Ayrton’s tenure its next keeper bestowed it with flared Turbo wheel arches & whaletail and ..painted it yellow to match the three-time world Champion’s helmet.

Some would say a misguided tribute, though it’s unarguably a composition more in keeping with the hero’s godlike status.

According to Pedro Diogo who told 911&PW magazine, the new buyer Mário Diacono Luis a SENNA fan assures the car will be restored back to it’s original narrow body, non-sport configuration and unassuming metallic silver livery as it was when Ayrton owned it. (source: Johnny Tipler of 911&PW )

source: Dedeporsches Blog