An event that combines health, entertainment, sports, relationships and education. This is the Marathon Relay Ayrton Senna Racing Day, which grows every year and winning over fans and partners. The eighth edition of the competition, held in December last year, was a success, with 91% approval of the corridors, according to research post-test.

“Everyone feels good results and want to be part of the marathon. Moreover, it is a safe event, held in an enclosed space, a mythical place for all of us Brazilians, who is the Interlagos Speedway, “said Viviane Senna, president of the Instituto Ayrton Senna.

The organization of the race, with 74% approval rating, is a big difference. People can park their vehicles within the circuit, there is easy access by public transport (train Speedway CPTM) and there are activities for everyone during the race. Who is waiting to run, ever ran or was at the Interlagos track just for the marathon, can have fun, shop and earn free gifts in the stands of the partners. The areas of sports sponsors and advisors are approved by about 90% of marathoners.

Other positive points of proof are the athlete kit (76% approval) and the offices and medical care (95% approval). The Marathon Relay Ayrton Senna Racing Day has corporate profile. Half of the participants are work colleagues who get together to run the race. 31% are friends, relatives and 8% co-advising sports. Most runners are men (70%) in São Paulo (98%).


Among the factors that motivate the partnership of companies in realizing the marathon, two are common to all: join the company’s trademark to the name of Ayrton Senna, for all that the triple world champion of Formula 1 represents, and integrate a social action that has direct impact on the country’s development, through quality public education – 100% of the entries is reversed to the programs of Instituto Ayrton Senna. Investment in a sporting event and distinguished relationship with the well-being are also key points.

Marathon’s partners are pleased with the success. In Breakfast held at the Institute, representatives of the sponsors were invited by Viviane Senna to celebrate the success of the race in 2011.

“It is part of our schedule to perform this test alongside Ayrton Senna. We always anxiously awaiting this moment because we know he has a very good effect, both on the race day and on subsequent days. What we perceive is an increasing willingness to attend the event, and always has a recognition that this is an important event for the group Bradesco Seguros, “said the director Alexandre Nogueira. Bradesco Seguros sponsors master the marathon.

“As Ayrton Senna Racing Day is one of the main events of the year for the Institute, the Pioneer as major partner, has a real intention to support and be associated with a proof that in addition to health care, acting on behalf of education , “said marketing manager Andrew Ricardo Andrade. Pioneer is a co-sponsor of the event.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna