The name of our new Ultimate Series is immediately evocative. But it also celebrates our partnership with a charity educating the children and young people of Brazil.

Viviane and Bruno Senna

For over 20 years Viviane Senna has been the driving force behind the Senna Institute. The charity educates children and young people in 17 Brazilian states and more than 600 cities. Last year it helped more than one million students, alongside supporting the training of teachers.

“Ayrton is still one of Brazil’s biggest heroes,’ Viviane says. ‘And it’s important for us to use his legacy and help create a better country for ourselves tomorrow. At the race track Ayrton could do the impossible. At the Foundation we try to do the same.”

For over 20 years the Ayrton Senna Institute has contributed to create opportunities for children and young Brazilians through education. It works to develop the capabilities of new generations, preparing them to respond to the demands of life in the 21st century in all its dimensions.

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