Mayor of Sobral, Ivo Gomes was received on Monday (February 11) at a luncheon hosted by the president of the Ayrton Senna Institute, Viviane Senna, at the institution’s headquarters in São Paulo.

Viviane Senna Instituto

During the meeting, the two talked about the progress of the innovative project of development of socio-emotional competencies in municipal schools in Sobral, which has the support of the Institute.

“The Ayrton Senna Institute has always been a very important partner of Sobral’s City Hall in the area of Education. Twenty-two years ago, they joined us and helped us end illiteracy. Now they are with us in another battle: to make our adolescents know values such as tolerance, love and respect, “said the mayor.

Among the subjects also discussed, Ivo and Viviane signed a partnership to hold a national event on children’s literacy, to be promoted in May.