With applications, games, narratives and social media projects, students participating in the Ayrton Senna Institute’s Programming Lecture at Itatiba’s campus shared their learning with teachers, families and the community during Tech Oscar 2017 on Thursday ( 30). The purpose of the meeting was to present ways in which technology contributes to the integral formation of students in schools, helping in the development of skills such as creativity and problem solving as well as content learning.

The presentations reflected the work developed throughout the year in 21 public education units in Itatiba, Morungaba and Vinhedo, partner municipalities of the Institute in the development of the project. The event took place at the USF (São Francisco University) unit in Itatiba, which also supports actions and the production of literacy knowledge in programming. The project does not seek to offer technical computer training, but rather to approach young people in the digital universe in a protagonist way, in which computer programming becomes an additional tool for the development of their life projects.

Tech Event

Of all the teams that participated in the activities in 2017, some representatives were chosen to present themselves at the fair of projects and compete for the highlight in each module (in total there are 4 modules, but module 1 did not compete in this event, but in an award in the schools in which this module is developed). The 26 teams of the three modules participating in the fair also competed together for the highlight of presentation and social media. In this category, students were encouraged to use the power of social networks to share their ideas, the processes of building their projects, and their results. They were evaluated in terms of the quality of the content produced and also the commitment they were able to achieve online.

The highlight in each of the five categories of awards was defined by the analysis of 22 jurors, some in person and others at a distance. Among the jurors were professionals from various areas of the Ayrton Senna Institute, USF, knowledge centers such as Unicamp, Usp and Facens, and organizations such as Nave a Vela and HackEduca. In addition to the 80 students, about 400 people participated in the event.

“You not only learned how to do, how you did it and presented your projects very well. At your age I did not have such an opportunity at school, I had to look for it. A tip that I offer for those who have not been awarded: what counts is the experience they could already have, and what nobody takes away: the ability and determination, and today everyone has shown that they are very capable, “said during the event Alfred Silva, who is an instructor of Ideias de Futuro, the company that organizes the technological entrepreneurship program Startup in School.

According to SAP education portfolio specialist Kizzie Silva, programming literacy shows that the school can help young people learn more broadly. “Studying technology is important for everyone, even for those who do not want to pursue a career, because this proposal helps the student to think logically, make decisions, stimulate their creativity and other things that are important in all areas,” he said.

At the opening of the event, the mayor of Itatiba, Douglas Oliveira, stressed the importance of the partnership. “What we want is for young people to know the technology and be encouraged to build things with it for their own benefit and the community. This partnership has promoted a small revolution in the municipality, has already brought a new concept of education to municipal schools, “said the mayor, also communicating that the administration has forwarded to the City Council a bill that provides for the inclusion of literacy in programming as a part of the educational policy of the municipality.

The director of Articulation and Innovation of the Ayrton Senna Institute, Mozart Neves Ramos, also highlighted the importance of this measure in the municipality. “In education, it is very common to have discontinuity problems, when initiatives that are working are no longer implemented during changes of government. When a municipality like Itatiba looks at a program like this and seeks to ensure that what is important for the young is preserved, it is showing a long-term vision. We need to fight for this to occur more in Brazil: in addition to maintaining, know how to move forward and together with society, “he defended.

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