"Ayrton is an idol that even after so many years , remains in the minds of people in a very present way. His strength and charisma still wiggle including individuals who never saw his race. Example of this is part of new generation of F1 drivers has him as great idol and example."

Roland Ratzenberger FF 1600

Tears from Imola

Viewed today, exactly 24 years later, as an exercise in grim foreboding it is hard to imagine how Alfred Hitchcock might have done it better. A graphic in the bottom right-hand corner of the...
Ayrton Senna Game

Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II

Released in 1988, the Sega Mega Drive heralded the coming of the 16-bit era and inaugurated the Console Wars of the 1990s. A year later, Sega released the Mega Drive in the United States....
Ayrton Senna in McLaren Garage

Senna’s gamble pays off

The 1993 European Grand Prix – the one and only time a world championship Formula 1 race was held at Donington Park – is regarded as one of the greatest races of Ayrton Senna’s...
Ayrton Senna in Great Britain

What People Say About Him?

He participated on 161 F1 GPs, took 65 pole positions and 41 victories but then tragically died following a crash at Imola on May 1, 1994. Pat Symonds (F1 engineer) “There was one area at Dallas...
Ayrton Senna - Aida 1994

Electronic driver aids 1994

Williams was at the forefront of this development with the radical active everything FW14B which dominated the 1992 season. After the widespread implementation of these systems throughout the field in 1993, and a further...
Simtek Ford S941

Simtek Ford S941

Simtek Grand Prix started out in life as a British engineering consultancy firm. In 1989 Simtek Research was founded by future FIA-president Max Mosley and designer Nick Wirth. The company was involved in various...
Ayrton Senna in Portugal in 1986

A name that inspires

Ayrton Senna: a name that inspires confidence and pride, a tsunami in the deep, sifting ocean of motorsport history, rich in krill-like factoids which we consume daily. Without him, we wouldn’t just have increased...
Ratzenberger helmet

Story of a Ratzenberger Porsche

Look at this Porsche. Not very special, right? Just a random 964 Carrera 4. And it would be, if it wasn’t for its previous owner. Roland Ratzenberger became famous for being the “other” driver...
Senna Season

The legends of F1: Ayrton Senna

When Ayrton Senna arrived at McLaren in 1988 he was an outstanding young driver, but he wasn’t yet the complete champion he would become during his time with the team. At 28 years old...

Interview with CEO of Senna brand-Bianca Senna

From the moment I met Bianca, I was starstruck, and we naturally started speaking in our native language, Portuguese. She is extremely polite and...

Obrigado Senna