“There is a rhythm… something like a perfect melody. Not always… but in any case I am always looking for that melody. And when I have found it I drive in a different dimension. I sense and I feel much more than I calculate. These rare moments are marvellous.”

Ayrton Senna at Interlagos in 1994

Thomas Gronvold: San Marino Grand Prix 94

My name is Thomas Grønvold, I am now 43 years old and I live just south of Oslo, in a small town called Ski. I started putting some small Youtube projects up a little under...
Ayrton Senna in Training

Racing: Drivers fitness program

A race driver's fitness routine was once rather simple: running, cigarettes and alcohol (the running being optional). Call it the James Hunt exercise program, if you will, but it had been commonplace long before...
Australian Grand Prix 1985

Senna’s crazy weekend

Ayrton Senna – rally driver. Now there’s a cover line any magazine editor would covet. It happened too, on a blustery, grey Welsh hillside in 1986. Ayrton Senna and five rally cars in a...
Ayrton Senna in Portugal in 1985

Formula 1 Review: Estoril 1985

For many of us, Grand Prix racing entered a fallow period after the death in May 1982, of Gilles Villeneuve, and none felt that more keenly than Denis Jenkinson. Even though, with his love...
Ayrton Senna Paris Bercy 1993video

Senna’s last duel with Alain Prost

Elf Masters Kart, Paris Bercy 1993 The first edition of Masters Elf took place on 18 and 19 December 1993. Two races were held each evening, a relay of three drivers (a Formula 1 driver,...
Jackie Stewart on podium

Jackie Stewart vs Ayrton Senna

I had done my homework and Ayrton Senna, at that time, had been involved in more collisions with other drivers than the combined total of all the world champions since 1950. He was agitated,...
Ayrton Senna in Imola in 1989

McLaren History: 1963-2013

McLaren, the small yet mighty UK boutique auto house that has given the planet some of its most brilliant Formula 1 and production cars, turned fifty this year. Here's Gizmag's look at the company's...
Ayrton Senna in cocpit

Ayrton Senna wins his 3rd title 25 years ago

1991 season saw big progress by the Williams Renault team that had it running close to the McLaren Honda team that had won the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship titles four years in a row....
Ayrton Senna in Monaco 1990

Gordon Murray Interview-1990

Specification Engine: "Large" — Naturally aspirated Cylinders: "Lots" Power output: "Plenty" Suspension, brakes and steering: "Formula 1 standard" Availability: From 1994 Price: "More than anything in view today" Manufacturer: McLaren Cars Limited, South-east England If the specification for the forthcoming McLaren "supercar"...

A special gift from Disney Pixar in honor of Senna

Disney Pixar, producer of the movie Cars 3, honored the triple Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna with the creation of a special miniature when...

Ayrton Senna Institute