"Ayrton is an idol that even after so many years , remains in the minds of people in a very present way. His strength and charisma still wiggle including individuals who never saw his race. Example of this is part of new generation of F1 drivers has him as great idol and example."

What If Ayrton Senna Had Lived

Senna won three world titles before his death. But what if Senna had live after that crash in tamburello corner. What if he survived that crash and he was still able to race after...

Fans daily pays tribute to Ayrton Senna

This is for the best F1 pilot ever .He literaly danced with the car on the circuit ,he won a race by driving the last 7 laps in the 6th gear ,and so on...

Event shows how technology can support integral education

With applications, games, narratives and social media projects, students participating in the Ayrton Senna Institute's Programming Lecture at Itatiba's campus shared their learning with...

Ayrton Senna Institute